Is outsourcing payroll cost-effective?

Outsourcing payroll can be cost-effective but only in situations where you’re paying someone to handle your payroll more efficiently than you ever could. If you don’t have time to focus on payroll, outsourcing will save you hours of headache every month—and that’s money in your pocket. For example, instead of wasting half a day searching for tax forms and filling out paperwork, an outsourced company will compile everything for you.

How does outsourcing payroll work?

The payroll outsourcing process starts when you choose your outsourcing company and ends with a smooth transition of your entire payroll operation. No need to worry about layoffs because there is no minimum staff requirement for most outsourced payroll services. You will have complete control over your own data, including pay rates, calculation formulas, and deductions from employee salaries. This also gives you the flexibility to alter elements of your employee’s pay as you see fit without having to consult with an outside party about process or policy changes.

When should you outsource payroll?

If you are handling payroll in-house, but don’t have time to devote to it, then consider outsourcing your payroll. Outsourcing payroll can help companies save a lot of time and money that they would otherwise spend on manual data entry and tedious calculations. Best of all, outsourcing also frees up valuable time for other aspects of running your business, such as marketing or planning future growth.

What is a payroll management company?

The term payroll management refers to a type of outsourcing that companies and organizations use. In simple terms, a payroll management company tracks employee hours and compensation information pays employees, and files their federal and state income taxes for them. This job can be handled by an in-house human resources department but often is outsourced for convenience or when there are too many workers to effectively manage.