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Payroll Management is the only payroll company in India you need for all your payroll solutions. Our team of experts will help you stay compliant and make sure you meet deadlines. Our payroll outsourcing company in India offers all the services you need in one place – simple, stress-free and affordable

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Services Our Payroll Management Company Offers:

Smooth Onboarding

It is necessary to ensure that new hires have their paperwork set up before they start. This means contracts and I-9 forms will need to be prepared and signed, along with any other documents an employee will need. Any insurance should also be set up on day one, as well as other benefits like health care or tuition reimbursement for which employees might be eligible. All of these things can lead to a smoother first day for a new hire, especially if it’s unclear how much advance notice he or she had about starting a new job.

Our payroll outsourcing company in India makes it easy for you to get started with us, by providing a smooth onboarding process that saves your company time and money (with no hidden fees).

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Attendance Management

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The attendance management module of payroll management services is crucial for tracking and monitoring employee leaves, sick leaves, and holiday leaves. Cloud-based technology provides real-time inputs that help you create customized attendance policies to ensure that your employees adhere to them without fail. It also helps you assess performance based on hours worked. This ensures that there are no chances of misrepresentation or personal bias while disbursing paychecks. We make it easy for you to get started with us, by providing a smooth onboarding process that saves your company time and money (with no hidden fees). Our payroll company in India makes it easy for managers to keep track of company attendance as well as employee attendance with our employee attendance management feature.

Leave Management

In some organizations, employees need to keep track of their leaves and calculate overtime hours they have accumulated while working on projects. This can be a tedious task when done manually, but with our pay roll services , you can easily manage leave requests and calculate overtime based on timesheets entered by your employees.

We provide 24*7 availability to help you with your queries. Counted among the best payroll management companies in India, we make it easy for you to get started with us, by providing a smooth onboarding process that saves your company time and money (with no hidden fees).
Leave management makes sure that your employees are able to take leave in accordance with company policies with ease. Leave management includes calculating overtime hours for those who work extra hours.

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Timely Salary

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Timely salaries mean happy employees. No one wants to wait around for their paycheck. Payroll departments that follow set procedures and keep up with required reports help minimize confusion and ensure an error-free payroll cycle, resulting in happier employees and healthier employers. This will help improve retention rates as well since your workers are unlikely to seek employment elsewhere if they’re not sure when (or if) they’ll get paid.
Get your salaries right on time, every time — and all without the hassle or stress. Our payroll management company will do all the hard work for you so that all you need to do is focus on running your business.

TAX Deductions

Keeping in line with complex tax laws can be daunting. Let our top payroll company in India takes care of it — our incorporated tax deductions feature lets you manage all your payroll deductions in one place and export them to an E2E format at the end of every financial year.

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Tax Saving Queries of Staff

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One of the major responsibilities of a payroll administrator is to ensure that all taxes are paid and accounted for. Many employees are liable for local and state taxes; therefore, the employees’ questions about their deductions, credits, benefits and tax obligations must be answered correctly. The relevant information will help them save money on their taxes.

Employee Reimbursement

We understand that sometimes businesses will need to provide gifts or reimbursements to their employees; which is why we’ve created a special reimbursement plan for our users that will make calculated payments easy.
We are here to give you back the time you never knew you had. With unlimited queries on what is owed, who owes what and when it needs to be paid – managing reimbursement has never been easier than before. Our payroll management services team makes sure your employees are reimbursed- both while they’re working and when they’re travelling for business trips.

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Tax & Legal Support

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Taxes are confusing, but we make it easy for you. Our specialists will help you navigate this obstacle and ensure that everything goes smoothly – so you can focus on other things like your business. We have international tax experts and legal consultants who will guide you through the entire process of payroll and help you in avoiding penalties. Leave it up to us and we’ll do the work while you live a life free from worry.

International Legal Experts

All organizations need the legal assistance of some sort, so it’s a good idea to contact an expert who can help with your organization’s various legal needs. Our Payroll outsourcing company in India provides you with the best international legal minds in various parts of the globe.

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Labour Law Compliance

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Employment law compliance is a big part of any business today. Employment laws like ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation) and PF (Provident Fund) take care of your employees’ mandatory insurance. For example, if you have ten employees or more, you are legally required to provide for these two insurances – ESIC and PF. It is a burden on your business but it must be done. Well, as top payroll outsourcing companies in India, we take care of all the labor law compliance needs and other tricky legalities so you don’t have to.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Utmost Data Security Protection

Maintaining excellent data security and cyber protection is crucial to every company. All the sensitive information in payroll processing is at a high risk of data theft. Most data theft cases happen in in-house payroll structures because of security infrastructure. If a company’s cyber security management is not up-to-date with the ever-evolving technology, protecting sensitive employee information becomes very challenging, leading to risking the company’s reputation. There exist several loopholes in an in-house payroll structure of a company. An abundance of data, several sites, improper data storage, different reporting modes – all these loopholes might invite criminal activity and challenge a company’s entire reputation. Please don’t get scared; as a leading payroll company in India, we know precisely how to provide our clients with the most advanced data security. Our data security structure is equipped with up-to-date security measures and handled by world-class experts. So all of the information is 100% safe with us. 

Complete Accuracy Maintained

The entire payroll management structure invites much data by its nature. All employees’ financial records, incentives, personal information, loans, and tax deductions are involved in the payroll. This massive amount of data then gets used for generating salaries, keeping up with taxes, and recording expenses. However, improper data storage, colossal amounts of data, and massive amounts of misleading or incorrect data cause trouble to both the employees and the owners of a company. Handling this kind of data with poor infrastructure and a lack of knowledgeable professionals leads to inaccurate data build-up that threatens the company’s overall reputation. But payroll outsourcing services in India take care of all the professional data appropriately with our automated, AI-enabled payroll services. We make it easy to navigate and refer to data within seconds for quick and effective report-making and analysis. With our automated, AI-enabled payroll services 

Get Accurate and Quick Analytics

As one of India’s top payroll service providers, we offer various services to enhance employees’ satisfaction. The satisfaction of employees is directly related to your company’s growth and future prosperities. Keeping track of the improvement and involvement of employees and deriving accurate information is necessary for analyzing the current employment situation of the company. However, deriving crucial company information and selecting which data is essential to support a particular type of analytics prove difficult. But payroll company in India manages your payroll with excellent proficiency and accuracy to derive 100% accurate analytics on employee satisfaction, the current position of your company, and payroll process improvements. 

Improved Productivity with Fast Digital Solutions

Enhanced productivity and efficiency of your employees are crucial for the brand image of any company. If your employees lack positive interaction and understanding, their experience of working in your company gets compromised. And as a company owner, you don’t want to welcome a case of employee disappointment. It harms the approach your brand conveys and disrupts the company’s goal. We have curated various digital solutions to enhance your company’s employee experience. Be it automated chatbot technology for seamless employee interaction, automated payroll for timely payments, data security, or role-based segment-wise distributed data for correct business insights, we have covered it all. 


Truly Prominent Payroll Solutions

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Salary Disbursement & Breakup

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Leave & Attendance Management

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International Legal & Tax Consultants

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Govt. & Labor Law Compliance

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Smooth On boarding of Staff

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Staff Queries Addressing

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Avoid All Kind of Penalties

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Employee Self Service App

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a payroll management company?

      The term payroll management refers to a type of outsourcing that companies and organizations use. In simple terms, a payroll management company tracks employee hours and compensation information pays employees, and files their federal and state income taxes for them. This job can be handled by an in-house human resources department but often is outsourced for convenience or when there are too many workers to effectively manage.

    • When should you outsource payroll?

      If you are handling payroll in-house, but don’t have time to devote to it, then consider outsourcing your payroll. Outsourcing payroll can help companies save a lot of time and money that they would otherwise spend on manual data entry and tedious calculations. Best of all, outsourcing also frees up valuable time for other aspects of running your business, such as marketing or planning future growth.

    • How does outsourcing payroll work?

      The payroll outsourcing process starts when you choose your outsourcing company and ends with a smooth transition of your entire payroll operation. No need to worry about layoffs because there is no minimum staff requirement for most outsourced payroll services. You will have complete control over your own data, including pay rates, calculation formulas, and deductions from employee salaries. This also gives you the flexibility to alter elements of your employee’s pay as you see fit without having to consult with an outside party about process or policy changes.

    • Is outsourcing payroll cost-effective?

      Outsourcing payroll can be cost-effective but only in situations where you’re paying someone to handle your payroll more efficiently than you ever could. If you don’t have time to focus on payroll, outsourcing will save you hours of headache every month—and that’s money in your pocket. For example, instead of wasting half a day searching for tax forms and filling out paperwork, an outsourced company will compile everything for you.